Floss: How to Do It, and Why It’s Important

18 Sep Floss: How to Do It, and Why It’s Important

Everyone should floss between their teeth with either a traditional strand of floss, or an interdental cleaner, at least once daily. Flossing is very important, because it’s the method of cleaning the plaque and food debris caught in the space between two teeth. In most mouths, the bristles of a toothbrush cannot reach into the spaces between the teeth. And when plaque is left on the surface of teeth, the bacteria will continue to consume sugars and produce acids that damage the surfaces of the tooth and cause irreversible tooth decay. So, we floss, daily, to clean the plaque from these narrow, hard-to-reach spaces.

You have several choices in the style of interdental cleaners. First, the traditional strands of dental floss. It doesn’t matter if it’s flavored, and it doesn’t matter if the strands are thick or thin. These are preferences, and you should find the type of floss you will continue to use daily. If you don’t enjoy stripping away a strand of floss and cleaning between your teeth, you can also choose an interdental cleaner. Interdental cleaner styles are numerous, and vary from water flossers, which can be effective for someone with mobility issues, and interdental picks.

The most important part of flossing is that it gets completed, daily. It’s an important component to regular dental care. And if you get something stuck between two teeth, anything—popcorn kernels are likely culprits that can be stiff and sharp enough to plunge between two teeth and even slip below the gum line—then reach first for the floss or interdental cleaner. Too often people choose devices, appliances, and other objects to pry food debris caught between two teeth. According to the ADA, people use devices from the sharp, pointed end of a knife, to the hard-plastic edge of a credit card or driver’s license to remove food debris. And if you are unable to clear the food debris, it’s best to call your dentist at Silvercreek Family Dental.

And another component to quality dental care, is to keep to a schedule of twice-yearly visits to your dentist at Silvercreek Family Dental.

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